The Primary Components Of A Funeral Service

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People die and that’s an inevitable fact, but when our loved one dies, they truly deserved to be honored for the time and all the moments they have spent with us during their lifetime. And because we want to give them the best for the very last time, we hire the best memorial service provider for a most memorable funeral to commemorate their life.

The purpose of having a funeral is basically to celebrate, pay the last respect, sanctify, and recall what has been when the deceased person was still living. Funeral services differ in terms of customs, traditions, cultural heritage and religious beliefs. The word funeral is actually derived from the Latin word “funus” meaning corpse or a dead body and funeral rites.

There are various components of a funeral service depending on the person’s known ethnicity and way of life. Fundamentally, traditional weddings are made up of three basic components namely:

The Visitation: this part of the funeral service is done usually in a funeral home, but some cultures prefer the visitation to take place in the home of the departed loved one; some visitation rites would sometimes be done in a span of three days preceding the burial. While some cultures believe that a dead family member should not be brought back home for viewing, it has been a lifelong tradition to place the casket in the decedent’s home. Embalming is done prior to the visitation, but some religion such as those of the Muslims do not allow their dead to be embalmed and the dead is buried right away.  Here, the deceased is clothed in their best garments, but nowadays, people preferred to dress their deceased loved one the way he uses to dress up in their everyday life. Some cultures would even adorn them with a complete set of jewelries during the visitation, but will then be removed before the deceased is buried; in some cases, they would just leave those precious things with the corpse even after the burial. On the other hand, jewelries should necessarily be removed before the cremation process. 

The Funeral Service: This is usually held in the church, crematorium, near the grave or the chapel of the funeral home where the body is being visited by relatives, family, and friends. A clergy, a religious member of the church or any prominent person from the religious group where the deceased belongs are the ones who solemnize the funeral. In Christians, specifically the Catholics, they hold a Eucharistic mass in honor of the dead, and the priest bestows his final blessings.

The Burial Service: This is also called the Committal Service which takes place usually near the grave, the mausoleum, the crematorium or tomb; and this will be the dead family member’s final resting place. By tradition, after a burial service has been concluded, a procession going to the burial site will take place and a short ceremony as funeral at Canterbury will be held. Each family member, some close friends, and relatives are asked to say a few words to pay tribute to their departed loved one.